Custom Made



The experience gained since 1986 in the field of lighting and furniture allows our studio to suggest the best solution in line with the thoughts of those who designed that specific space, combining the technical characteristics of production with the needs of the customer.

The studio is aimed at professionals related to the world of architecture and design, to large and small environments, who want to be illuminated and decorated with unique products.


Understanding the customer’s needs and finding the best solution that satisfies all the requests, our technical staff will carry out the project in 3D and will submit to the customer both the technical drawing, with all the specifications, and the render, so as to understand how the project will look like a once made.

In this phase it is possible to make all the changes and requests that the customer requires.

Upon receipt of the customer’s approval, the final project will go to the furnace where our master glassmakers will make it.

Whenever we witness art in a building, we are aware of an energy contained by it.

Arthur Erickson


Our masters will transform the vitreous mass, following the technical details established in the previous phases of the study, into products in original Murano glass.

Each project created by Arte di Murano is unique, signed with an engraving on the glass and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.